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Relationships, Sex and Health Education Hub

We are excited to announce that the Bristol Primary Teaching School in partnership with the Cabot Learning Federation’s Institute and Bristol City Council has been successful in winning a national DfE bid to support the implementation of the new requirements of Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) as one of the country’s RSHE hubs.

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We are one of only a small number of DfE funded RSHE hubs across England and the only one in this area.  We have developed a cohesive programme of free support and development to help schools in the region in the year ahead as they consider their implementation roadmap.

Our aim is to support RSHE / PSHE leads in Primary, Secondary and Special settings to gain confidence and greater understanding of the new DfE requirements for this crucial aspect of the curriculum so they can in turn train their staff and deliver the requirements in their own settings, using a ‘train the trainer’ model.  We will also look at follow up support for schools, with facilitated networks to ensure all RSHE and PSHE leads are confident in their consultation and delivery.

We are working closely with the DfE, Local Authority partners, public health and schools across the region to ensure all who are involved feel supported in their understanding of how to work with school staff, governors, young people and their communities when delivering the new requirements of the statutory curriculum in their own unique contexts.

We will be showcasing new materials which have been written by the DfE and support schools to understand how they can link in with existing resources, such as Jigsaw or with schools’ own resources in order to deliver high quality provision for children and young people.


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To the right is a summary of upcoming training and support through the hub, which is updated throughout the term.

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More detailed explanations of the content of each of the training sessions are listed below, along with direct booking information.

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We are delighted to announce the launch of the DfE funded Bristol RSHE hub with the first of a series of training sessions for PSHE, RSE, pastoral leads and other interested colleagues.

In this session we are pleased to welcome Lizzie Henden, Senior Public Health Specialist, Su Coombes from Bristol LA and primary and secondary colleagues to cement our understanding of the roadmap to implementation regarding the revised requirements for Relationships, Sex and Health Education which come into place next academic year. We will also look at the changes to current curriculum provision for both primary and secondary phases.

In addition to this, we will be running a primary and secondary specific session around the topic of mental health and well-being. This will be based upon the new DfE materials and signposted to other resources, in order to develop our understanding of the significant need in this area following the challenging times faced by schools and their communities this year.

We are offering one facilitated online training session in July 2020 and a repeat of this session in September 2020. There is no charge to attend or access the resources. We have also now added an additional third date in November 2020, details of how to book are listed in our eventbrite pages below.  Places are limited to 2 members of staff per school.

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13th October 2020 – this event has now finished: slides and a recording are available in the secure area 

The Bristol RSHE hub is pleased to announce the next free training session which is aimed at governors across the region. The session will be led by Jackie Eason, National Leader of Governance (NLG) and Regional Governance Lead for the SW teaching school council, and facilitated by Alison Fletcher (Director of the Cabot Learning Federation Institute) and Mike Eatwell (Director of the Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance) The session will be supported by materials from Lizzie Henden from public health and Sue Kelham, the Principal at Wallscourt Farm Academy – we will sharing a short recorded session about parental consultation – the slides and commentary will be available for schools to use and adapt following the event.

The session aims to:

  • Introduce governors to the statutory changes to the RSHE curriculum this year;
  • Support schools and governors to work with parents so they understand the changes and the right to withdraw;
  • Share advice on how schools can deal with some of the ‘tricky questions’ posed by parents and children;
  • Show what needs to be done in schools and by school leaders and by when;
  • the role governors need to play in supporting and challenging schools in relation to the RSHE changes in their role as ‘critical friend’