Team Teach – Positive Behaviour Management Level 2:  January 2021

Team Teach – Positive Behaviour Management Level 2: January 2021

Venue: Bristol Primary Teaching School training room, The Dirac Centre, off Bishop Road, BS7 8LX

Date: 20th January 2021 and 3rd February 2021 – 9.30am – 3.30pm.  Lunch is provided


Target Audience: Teachers, Senior Leaders, Pastoral leads, support staff

Venue: Bristol Primary Teaching School training room, The Dirac Centre, off Bishop Road, BS7 8LX 

Date: 20th January 2021 and 3rd Feb 2021 – 9.30am – 3.30pm.  Lunch is provided

Facilitators: Elementa team teach facilitators

Related imageTeam Teach is an award winning provider of positive behavioural management training, tailored to those working across the education sector.  We provide strategies which equip all school staff with the tools they need to understand disruptive behaviour, manage challenging situations, and minimise serious incidents.

Positive Behaviour Management Level 2

[Previously named 12 Hour course]


A two-day course exploring a greater range of positive handling techniques, suitable for medium risk settings including some mainstream Schools, and SEND provisions across Primary and Secondary.

Positive Behaviour Management Level Two is a two-day course designed to deliver proven, safe strategies for anyone managing challenging behaviour in mainstream and specialist provision. It provides an understanding of the causes of challenging behaviour, along with respectful, supportive and practical strategies for de-escalation and crisis intervention. All techniques that we teach are situated within an approach to behaviour management which seeks to minimise the need for physical intervention and maintain positive relationships.

Aimed at individuals who support people with documented special needs or challenging behaviours, and who may pose a risk to themselves or others, the course will provide a thorough grounding in practical behaviour management strategies. It will equip individuals with a sophisticated understanding of challenging behaviour, and the social and legal context around its management. It will cover strategies of personal safety, team work and de-escalation, as well as teaching effective positive handling techniques: these include guiding, escorting and safe holding in various positions.

The course will also cover documentation and legal guidance, as well as best practice when reporting and reviewing incidents.

Everything will be delivered across an invigorating day that is fun whilst also serious, and focused on developing team work, co-operation and morale.

Please note, training and delivery will be carefully managed to adhere to COVID guidance.  There will be limited numbers from a smaller number of schools present at each training; quarantined resource packs, with a risk assessment available to those attending if they wish.

What we do

We offer positive behaviour management training at a range of levels, ensuring we provide the right level of training for everyone, regardless of experience or need.

Why Team Teach?

Our training fosters a culture of support, teamwork and a holistic approach to classroom management. The benefits of this can be huge, increasing morale and reducing the number of serious incidents.

Elementa holds licenses to provide Team Teach training across 7 local authorities. Our main licence covers Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, BANES, Hampshire and South Wales. 

To find out more, drop Elementa a line at , or have a chat with us on 0117 325 9523.

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