Supporting Children with EAL – EAL programme 2

Supporting Children with EAL – EAL programme 2

Course date: Three twilights – February 28th, March 28th and June 6th 2019

Course venue: Whitehall Primary School

£50 per session, £130 for all three

Target Audience: KS1 and KS2 teachers, early career teachers – NQTs, RQTs

Facilitator: Catherine Brennan and Yasmin Malik (Better Bilingual team)

These sessions are predominantly designed for early career teachers but would also be suitable for those who would like to gain more understanding of how to meet the needs of learners with English as an additional language.

Each session promotes understanding through a range of theory and practical strategies and is facilitated by highly experienced EAL colleagues from the Better Bilingual team.

They are available as stand alone twilight sessions, but can be purchased with a reduction in cost for the full programme. Each afternoon session costs £50, with the this programme of three sessions costing £130.

Dates offered are as follows:

Session 1: Thursday 28th February 2019: 4.15pm – 5.45pm

Preparing for SATs – The Language of Instruction in Maths

‘How can mathematical attainment be fairly assessed if learners are still developing their proficiency in English? If learners of EAL find word problems hard to make sense of, for example, they may get them wrong, particularly in a test situation. Would such incorrect responses fairly indicate the learner’s mathematical or linguistic proficiency?’


‘Whilst the idea that mathematics is a language is a useful metaphor, it should not be allowed to obscure the complex role of language in mathematics. Learners’ English does matter as in our classrooms English provides the means for learners to think about mathematics, as well as to express that thinking.’

This session will:

  • highlight the ‘language demands’ of SATs, in terms of test instructions & responses
  • explore the typical areas of English difficulty for EAL learners in Maths
  • provide strategies and resources to support EAL and all pupils with reasoning questions

At the end of the session, participants will:

  • better understand the distinction between ‘test language’ and Maths concepts
  • know how to teach Maths vocabulary in a more comprehensible way for EAL pupils
  • be equipped with ideas and resources to support pupils’ comprehension of reasoning questions & ability to answer
  • have acquired transferable knowledge about EAL to apply to other subjects.

Session 2: Thursday 28th March 2019: 4.15pm – 5.45pm:

Beyond Decoding – vocabulary development & reading comprehension skills for EAL learners

This session in our EAL CPD series builds on our previous session ‘Meeting the Needs of Advanced Bilingual Learners’ (ABLs) by focusing specifically on developing a strong foundation in oral & written vocabulary to assist secure understanding of reading materials across the curriculum.  As the academic demands increase from KS1 into KS2, continued EAL support is crucial to effectively address the language demands of texts.


How can we ensure we recognise learners prior reading experiences to support reading development in English?    Bilingual learners bring a range of experiences and understanding to their reading in school.  They are aware of and may be able to read texts written in their own languages; they know that reading has a range of purposes (Rosen)

This session will:

  • raise awareness of how oral vocabulary development can build on prior knowledge to support reading comprehension
  • address some of the challenges of reading comprehension across the curriculum through sharing of effective EAL strategies
  • introduce some EAL techniques to develop cognitive and academic vocabulary.

By the end of the session participants will:

  • understand the importance of the explicit teaching of vocabulary to impact on reading attainment
  • feel more confident about planning a lesson sequence linking talk to reading texts for enhanced comprehension
  • have identified 3 reading techniques to trial in their own classrooms across the curriculum to support ABLs and all learners.

Session 3: Thursday 6th June 2019: 4.15pm – 5.45pm:

Building Positive Partnerships with EAL Parents & Carers

EAL parents & carers bring with them a range of cultural, linguistic, religious and educational experiences – and can offer much to school communities. However, successful home-school partnerships require teachers to be aware of and sensitive to culturally specific information such as the UK education system, transition arrangements and home-school expectations.


‘Schools should create more effective partnerships with parents of EAL students, more transfer of knowledge about families, their motivations and aspirations, levels of support and their concerns for their children’s education if stereotyping is not to restrict the schools’ view of such families.’

This session will:

  • explore specific aspects of home-school liaison to consider for EAL families
  • provide a range of practical strategies to create & maintain a partnership approach
  • signpost to useful websites to communicate with and support EAL parents and carers.

At the end of the session, participants will:

  • have a better understanding of home-school issues which need attention
  • be aware of successful approaches to build positive home-school partnerships
  • know where to access information and resources to support EAL families


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£50 per session, £130 for all three

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