SEN programme for NQTs and RQTs

SEN programme for NQTs and RQTs

Course date: Various dates from September 2017 to May 2018

Course venue: Various schools and settings across the city

£85 per session

Target Audience: NQTs and RQTs and those seeking to develop their understanding of how to support children with SEND in a mainstream setting

Facilitator: Members of the SENCAT team

These sessions are predominantly designed for NQTs and RQTs but would also be suitable for those who would like to gain more understanding of how to meet the needs of learners with SEND in a mainstream classroom.

Each session promotes understanding through a range of theory and practical strategies and is facilitated by highly experienced SEND colleagues from the SENCAT team.

They are available as 6 stand alone half day sessions, but can be purchased with a reduction in cost for the full programme. Each afternoon session costs £85, with the full programme of 6 sessions costing £400.

Dates offered are as follows:

Session 1: Tuesday 6th February 2018: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
An introduction to SEND policy and practices

This session will enable NQTs to better understand their roles and responsibilities for pupils with SEND in their classes. Participants will gain an up to date overview of the SEN Code of Practice and the class teacher’s responsibility for pupils with SEND.

Session 2: Monday 26th February 2018 9.00am – 12.00pm
Implementing effective practice for speech, language and communication

An opportunity to explore communication processes, the underpinning nature of language for learning and practical strategies for the classroom. Participants will gain supportive approaches and strategies to enhance their teaching and planning for pupils’ language and communication needs.

Session 3: Monday 6th March 2018: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Supporting Working Memory in the Classroom

An introduction to working memory illustrating how difficulties can impact on learning plus practical teaching strategies.

This session is one of 6 designed to support NQTs to meet the needs of learners with SEND. Each session promotes understanding through theory and practical strategies. Participants will gain a developing understanding of the memory system and strategies to support pupils with working memory difficulties in the classroom.

Session 4: Tuesday 20th March 2018: 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Managing dyslexia and literacy difficulties in the classroom

How to identify and support pupils with dyslexia and literacy difficulties within the classroom setting.

Participants will gain a foundation level knowledge of dyslexia, greater confidence to identify this specific learning difficulty and practical ideas and strategies to help pupils in the classroom who have dyslexia or literacy difficulties.

Session 5: Tuesday 17th April 2018 – 1.30m – 4.30pm
Understanding and supporting pupils with numeracy difficulties

This session will enable NQTs to better understand why some pupils struggle with numeracy alongside practical teaching strategies.

Participants will gain supportive approaches to planning and teaching for pupils at the very early stages of maths development.

Session 6: Tuesday 8th May 2018 – 1.30pm – 4.30pm
Working with other adults to create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment

An opportunity to reflect on best working practices with support staff in the classroom/parents at home when planning for learners with SEND. Participants will gain ideas and strategies to make effective use of support staff and build relationships with parents to ensure better outcomes for pupils with SEND.

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£85 per session

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