National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH)

Course date: The next programme will begin in October 2018.

Course venues: Whitehall Primary School (Bristol), Backwell School (North Somerset), Corsham Primary School (Wiltshire/South Glos), Abbot Alphege School (Bath and NE Somerset)

£1,950 with reductions for eligible participants/schools


Target Audience: The NPQH is aimed at early years, primary and secondary colleagues who are, or are aspiring to become a headteacher with responsibility for leading across the school.

Facilitator: Outstanding senior leaders from the teaching schools

NPQ@teachingschools is a unique partnership of teaching school alliances in the wider Bristol area with a strong track record of delivering exceptional professional development. As a newly designated DfE licenced provider, the Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance has worked with our partner teaching schools to create and deliver a new and innovative senior leadership programme designed by experienced, current school leaders in order to develop the potential of the talented and motivated school leaders across our region.

National Professional Qualification for Senior Leadership: NPQH

Who is it aimed at?

Accredited by the Department for Education, this nationally recognised programme is aimed at early years, primary and secondary colleagues who are, or are aspiring to become a headteacher with responsibility for leading across a school.  Applicants should be members of a school senior leadership team,  deputy headteacher, assistant head teacher, or other relevant senior staff able to demonstrate aspects of headship through the assessment gateway.


Starting in October 2018, the NPQH programme takes around 18 months to complete and involves:

  • Twilight launch event for delegates and mentors
  • 7 full day face to face core training sessions
  • Minimum of 2 elective modules (½ day each)
  • At least a 9 day placement in a contrasting school to plan and implement a whole school improvement project
  • Self-directed professional reading and individual leadership profiling
  • Support from a professional coach
  • 2 half days preparation for assessment and presentation

During the programme delegates will develop their 7 leadership behaviours: commitment; collaboration; personal drive; awareness; respect; resilience and integrity.

In addition, delegates complete and collect evidence against 6 areas of study:

  • leading with impact;
  • increasing capability;
  • working in partnership;
  • strategy and improvement;
  • teaching and curriculum excellence and;
  • managing resources and risk.

Where is the programme delivered?

Delegates can choose to access this programme at one of our regional hubs:

  • Whitehall Primary School, Bristol
  • Backwell School, North Somerset
  • Corsham Primary School, Wiltshire
  • Abbot Alphege School, Bath and NE Somerset

Participants from any Local Authority region may attend the hub of their choice, for example, someone who lives in Bristol and works in Wiltshire could attend the Bristol hub.


£1,950 per delegate

Fees will be reduced to £1,560 for eligible participants/schools if you meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The applicant is from a school with more than 30% of children currently in receipt of Free School Meals (not Pupil Premium figures) as referenced on the latest DfE school performance tables website;
  • The applicant is from a BME background
  • The applicant’s school has <150 pupils on roll as referenced on the latest DfE school performance tables website.

OR a 10% reduction to full course fees will be applied to the second and subsequent applicants if more than one person from your school makes an application to participate in the same cohort of NPQH

Full course fees will be reimbursed for participants meeting the following requirements:

  • They are enrolled on an NPQ course;
  • They work in a school in a Category 5 or 6 area*;
  • They do not already hold the NPQ for which they have enrolled;
  • They have not previously enrolled with the NPQ provider for the same NPQ course and dropped out before completing it; and
  • The Department for Education has not previously paid for their NPQ course.

*In the South West, these areas are: Weymouth and Portland; West Somerset; Torridge and Swindon. (If you are a participant from one of these areas, we will contact you upon application regarding reimbursement of course fees when further information has been released from the DfE.)

Please refer to our cancellation policy here

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To view our NPQH flyer, please click here

Making your application

The window for application is now open for the NPQML, NPQSL and NPQH. 
The window will close at at 12pm on 14th September 2018 in readiness for an October 2018 intake.

To download an application form, please use the link below…

More information about completing your application can be found by clicking here: NPQH Application guidance 




It is strongly recommended that you read the application guidance before completing and submitting your application.

Please note: Your application will be moderated to assess your current suitability for the programme. You will be notified of the outcomes of your application approximately 3 weeks after the closure of the application window.

We assess all the applications sent to us with three possible results – ready, borderline ready and not ready. We explore the borderline category further usually by a short interview and will indicate the strengths and areas for development in the sections of the content/assessment framework of the application.

When completed, pleasure return by email to: