NPQML Day 5 – Working in Partnership

Welcome to the online module – ‘Working In Partnership’.

This page contains all of the information that you will need to successfully engage with and complete this content area.

Detailed instructions are given at each point of the module, for your guidance.

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Introduction and overview

There are 5 sections that make up this module, each contained within separate tabs, for easy access. All 5 sections cover the content area for this module. 

As you work your way through the different sections, you will be directed towards relevant documents (all contained in the drop-down menu to the right of this page, and also on the portal) and posed questions to consider along with exercises to undertake.

You will find it useful to have your learning log at hand to make notes in throughout this module.

Begin by watching the video below which will outline the overview for the module.

Click the icon on the bottom right of the clip if you wish to enlarge to full screen – make sure you have your sound turned on, or headphones on to listen to the commentary.


When you have finished listening and have the documents you will need to hand, please proceed to part 1 below.

Part 1

In sections 1 to 5 below, you will be able to access the full module, which has been divided into separate parts. Each section has a brief introduction, under which is a video that will guide you through that part of the content area. You will need to pause at a number of times during each video, in order to engage with the materials.

Click on the relevant section to begin it.

Any additional information will be given to you when relevant.

Section 1 – Collaboration
Section 2 – Barriers & Benefits of Collaboration (part 1)
Section 3 – Barriers & Benefits of Collaboration (part 2)
Section 4 – Building & Sustaining Relationships
Section 5 – Effective Collaborative Partnerships

In section 1, you will have the opportunity to think about what collaboration means to you, and to think carefully about who you collaborate with and why.

Now, please watch the video clip below.


Take some time to reflect on this section before moving on to the section 2 tab at the top.

In this section, you will work on the first of 2 parts that are designed for you to explore the barriers and benefits of effective collaboration. You will need to engage in some online reading, which is available at the top of this page.

Now, please watch the video clip below.


Take some time to reflect on this section before moving on to section 3 tab at the top.

Barriers and Benefits to Collaboration (part 2)

This is the second section with a focus on collaboration, specifically on working and engaging with parents.

Again, additional documentation will be referenced here, and is available from the drop-down menu at the top of this page.



Take some time to reflect on this section before moving on to section 4 at the top.

The focus of the next two sections is upon the team, and in this shorter section you will need to refer to the pre-reading and your thoughts on the article on the All Blacks rugby team, so have that ready before you begin.

Now, please watch the video clip below.


Take some time to reflect on this section before moving on to section 5.


In this final section of the module, you will continue to thinking carefully about the team, and how to build and sustain relationships, in order to improve pupil outcomes. 

Now, please watch the video clip below.


Take some time to reflect on this section before moving on, and to review all sections with reference to the assessment criteria for this content area.

Part 2 - Questions and completion

There are two tabs below:

  • Questions
  • Completion record and evaluation

If you have any questions, please pop them in the space below and then move to the completion record so we have a record of your completion and an evaluation of this module.

Complete the questions form (if you have any) and then the completion and evaluation form.


Use the form below to record any questions you may have in relation to this module. We will endeavour to answer as many of your queries as possible during our online Q and A workshops.  

Please fill out the short form below with your contact information so we have a record of you completing the session. When you have done this, please complete the evaluation of the session and submit your form. If you have a specific questions about your own project or this module, feel free to email us at the usual address:  

Thank you for completing the online module.  We look forward to seeing you as part of our virtual sessions later in the term.


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