Geoff Mountjoy

What are NLGs?

NLG’s were introduced by the National College of Teaching and Leadership in 2012 as a support to schools/academies in developing a self-improving and sustainable school led system. Their role is to enable governing bodies to be effective in system leadership through the performance of their three key duties.

To become an NLG a Chair of Governors must show substantial governance experience and be working in a school/academy that is rated as at least good. They must also demonstrate the skills to constructively work with others in a challenging but supportive way and to act in an independent and confidential manner.

There are 16 people designated as NLG in the sub-region that covers South Gloucestershire, Bristol, BANES, North Somerset and Somerset with a wide range of experience in different educational settings. Each NLG commits to offering at least 5 free days of support a year.

What sort of support can NLGs offer?

Support activities may include:

  • Coaching/Mentoring a new Chair of Governors and/or being a sounding board when there is a new or difficult decision to make. This may be as little as a telephone call or short meetings.
  • Supporting Chairs when there are difficult relationship issues to resolve
  • Undertaking some targeted training support
  • Providing support in undertaking a review of the effectiveness of tan established Board
  • Undertaking a formal External Review of Governance, possibly resulting from an Ofsted inspection
  • In extreme circumstances take on a leadership role as part of a Board

How can I ask for the support of an NLG?

In September 2017, Geoff Mountjoy was appointed as Advocate for NLG’s in the sub-region working for the Teaching Schools Council (South West).  On receiving a request buy zolpidem online pharmacy for support he can look at NLG availability and suggest the most suitable person to work with you.

If you recognise that support from an experienced Chair of Governors could help you or just want to find out more, please contact Geoff Mountjoy at

“I am excited to have been appointed as National Leaders of Governance Advocate for the sub-region covering South Gloucestershire, Bristol, BANES, North Somerset and Somerset. There are 16 NLG’s to cover this large part of the region with a range of school experience and we intend to work as a team to provide the best possible level of support.

My work experience as Regional Director of Legal Aid and Board Member for a Housing Association has placed a personal emphasis on promoting social inclusion.  I believe strongly in the power of  NLG’s to support governing bodies and their schools to provide pupils with the opportunity to fulfil their potential in society.

Having taken a career change, I have now spent the past 4 years as a Business Manager in two Bristol schools.”