Janet Ellams

Current School:

St Teresa’s RC Primary School

Current position:

Maths Lead
Leadership team
Year 6 class teacher

Areas of Expertise:

Primary Maths, Year 6 moderation

Brief biography:

Janet has been teaching in KS2 for the past 6 years and is maths lead in a diverse school, judged to be ‘outstanding’.

Janet has led CPD to enable progression of maths across the school so that the children are able to make accelerated progress. She believes that all children can achieve in maths and has created a positive attitude towards maths in the school that she works in. Janet has worked alongside staff to ensure that there are opportunities for all children to access concrete, pictorial and abstract maths within their daily maths lessons, so that they have a secure understanding of the maths concepts being taught. She has also introduced the use of bar modelling, which has enabled the children to successfully access challenging maths problems.

Janet has supported staff in her school to embed variation within the maths lessons across the school from EYFS to year 6. This has enabled the children to become fluent in their maths and has helped them to successfully tackle reasoning and problem solving questions with confidence. She has a deep understanding of the requirements needed for KS2 SATs, particularly in maths and is a Bristol LA moderator.