Emma Taylor

Current School:

Ashton Gate Primary School

Current position:

Lead Practitioner
KS2 writing lead
Year 4 class teacher

Areas of expertise:

Teaching and learning

Brief biography:

In her role as an AST and now a Lead practitioner, Emma is committed to outreach. Ashton Gate Primary is a National Support School so she has been able to use her skills in a number of different schools across the city. Many of the schools in which Emma has worked have needed to make rapid improvements in pupil outcomes. Emma has the necessary knowledge and skills to identify what needed to be done and to be able to provide the appropriate support through clear, yet sensitive, buy real ambien online, communication. She regularly contributes to the NQT training programme in Bristol. Emma has had a major impact in helping to move Ashton Gate from “good” to “outstanding”. She has always been passionate and enthused about the teaching of English, recognising the importance of instilling a love for the subject in all children she teaches, whilst supporting them in making outstanding progress.