Tracy Jones

Current School:

Bannerman Road Community Academy

Current position:

Vice Principal, Inclusion and Safeguarding Lead

Areas of expertise:

Inclusion, SEND, Safeguarding

Brief biography:

Tracy has 25 years of experience working successfully with a variety of young people and their families with SEND and additional needs within both special and mainstream schools across both primary and secondary phases. She is passionate about Inclusion and providing the best opportunity for all and is currently vice principal at Bannerman Road Community Academy with responsibility for Inclusion and safeguarding.

Tracy is able to work sensitively and collaboratively and has a commitment to working with others to find solutions even within the most challenging of circumstances. She has a deep understanding of what outstanding inclusive practice looks like, tramadol with no prescription and has the skills and expertise to help others to achieve it in their own context by setting up systems and procedures to meet the requirements of the SEND code of practice 2014.

Tracy has completed a wide variety of CPD including: NPQSL, mental health and wellbeing and most recently becoming a lead practitioner in Attachment and Trauma.  She is the chair of Bristol’s Inclusion in Education Group which has oversight of and makes recommendations related to inclusive practice in education. This includes supporting, promoting and disseminating information about new processes and considering approaches that would support inclusion.