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NQT Support Programme for Early Years and Primary Colleagues: 2017-2018

Target Audience



Specialist leaders of Education from across the city.

Course date

Tuesday 12th September 2017 - 4.00-5.30pm: FREE Welcome event at the M-Shed 27th September 2017 - (full day) Conditions for learning 18th October 2017- (full day): Maths 15th November 2017 - (full day): English / CLL 17th January 2018 - (half day): Diminishing the difference / engaging parents 23rd May 2018 - (half day): Transition and report writing

Course venue

Various schools and settings across the city

Course cost

£400 for the whole programme or 'pick and mix' £125 for full day sessions and £85 for half day sessions.

A comprehensive support programme for the city’s NQTs

Following another successful year of the city wide NQT programme, the city's Teaching Schools (Bristol Early Years; Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance and St Mary Redcliffe and Temple Secondary Teaching School) have again joined together to provide a comprehensive programme for NQT support and development, planned and facilitated by the Specialist Leaders of Education - experienced teachers and leaders from across the city. All of the sessions will be led by phase specific specialists with some sessions delivered across phases to ensure each NQT has a clear picture of progression and is supported in their induction year.

Having reviewed the programme from the last few years, we have listened to feedback and are now offering more support earlier on in the year.

The programme can be purchased as a package (£400) or schools can have a 'pick and mix' approach and choose individual sessions. There is a discount for booking the full 5 day programme.

We will also be publishing details of SEN and PE training for primary NQTs on our website - areas which have been highlighted as aspects needing further training from previous course evaluations.

We are holding a free 'Welcome Event' for all NQTs who are teaching for the first time in the city, in a joint venture with Bristol Local Authority and the city's teaching schools. Bristol speakers, NQTs who have completed their induction year and teaching school leaders will share what Bristol has to offer this year and the programme of support for new teachers to teaching in the city. This is taking place on Tuesday 12th September, from 16:00 - 17:30 at the M Shed – Wapping Rd, BS1 4RN. More details of this event can be found here https://goo.gl/H7bQDS
Please note: you can register for this event using the form at the bottom of the page: you will need to register separately for the full programme of events.

The sessions we are offering across the year are:

Wednesday 27th September 2017 - (full day at Whitehall Primary School) Conditions for learning

Wednesday 18th October 2017- (full day): Maths

Wednesday 15th November 2017 - (full day): English / CLL

Wednesday 17th January 2018 - (half day): Diminishing the difference / engaging parents

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 - (half day): Transition and report writing

Please note: Bristol Local Authority work collaboratively with us to fulfil the statutory role of Appropriate Body for NQT induction. Bristol LA ensure that all newly qualified teachers are registered with the DfE and that statutory requirements are met, providing support and guidance to schools and NQTs throughout the induction period. You MUST register your NQT with an 'Appropriate Body' to ensure all requirements are met.

To access the TwS website, with the induction and registration paperwork and details of the support needed for school based NQT mentors and NQTs themselves, please visit: http://www.tradingwithschools.org/Article/21908

Please contact us at: bptsa@bristol-schools.uk or for further advice or to find out more about registering your NQT using Bristol as the appropriate body, please contact Jenny Brookes via email at jenny.brookes@bristol.gov.uk

Choose any date to begin your booking:


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