Continuing Professional Development

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The Bristol Primary Teaching School Alliance aims to offer CPD that addresses the most significant areas of teaching and learning and subject specific development. Some courses offer longer programmes of continuing support whilst others offer the option of short courses.

CPD is built on the Sutton Trust’s report, ‘What Makes Great Teaching’ (2013) which reviews over 200 pieces of research to identify the elements of teaching that have the strongest evidence of improving attainment.   The two elements that have the greatest impact are:

  1. A teacher’s content knowledge and understanding of how children think about a subject and their common misconceptions.
  2. The quality of instruction including use of questioning and assessment practices

Alliance CPD focuses clearly on these two focus areas.

The Alliance also offers the Improving Teacher Programme (OTP1) and the Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP2) which focus specifically on pedagogy and these programmes can be found by viewing ‘all courses’.

Career development, through accredited training is also supported, whether moving from initial training to the NQT year or from middle to senior leadership. Details of the NPQML and NPQSL can be found by viewing all courses.